Rreth usluga company


USLUGA is one of the oldest privately owned company and is ranked as leader in the Albanian market. Usluga is the main glass distributor and brings the latest technology of glass tempering and glass bending.

The company has shown a steady growth by gradually building a multi-project portfolio expanding its activities to real estate property developer. With offices in Tirana and Durrës, it offers a wide range of quality products and services to meet the needs and desires of customers.

Usluga Properties

Usluga is one of the top real estate developers in Albania and is aligned with the leadership’s vision and overall development plans...

Usluga Glass

Usluga has as its main activity the manufacture of glass products. Usluga offers classic and modern style products at the same time, creating design spaces according to the latest trends.


USLUGA project’s residential towers are a few steps away from Tirana’s new boulevard with units designed with smart engineering designs and an array of view options over the city.


USLUGA has implemented several constructions in the cities of Tirana & Durrës, which have become luxury hotels. The hotels built by us have become a favorite destination of local and foreign tourists.

Business Areas