Based on the touristic potential of Albania, the construction of hotels is one of the areas that has drawn the company's attention. USLUGA built several facilities in the city of Durres, which have been transformed into luxury hotels. The hotels are located in front of the beach. AS HOTEL has turned into a favorite destination of local and foreign tourists. Two other hotels have recently been built, SUN HOTEL and HORIZONT HOTEL, both in Durres beach.

    Hotels are built with contemporary and modern standards, creating the necessary comfort for tourists. The rooms have an impressive sea view. They are equipped with all the conditions, minibar, wireless, satellite channels and air conditioning. You are welcome to enjoy the hotel services in Durres beach area. The buildings are equipped with a conference rooms, sport areas, swimming pools.

    The company offers furnished apartments in Tirana and Durres for short or long term rental. The apartments are furnished by professional architects who have followed modern concepts of interior design, creating a friendly atmosphere. The design and decor of apartments provide the hospitality needed for tourists, foreign students, professionals and anyone who stands for a certain period of time in Tirana or Durres. The company provides maintenance service made available by a technician for the necessary repairs. The company provides security, because apartments are located in an area equipped with security cameras. The apartments offer the comfort of living in areas close to all necessary services such as markets, transport, postal service, etc.


    You can contact us at:

     +355 69 208 2222 (Glass Industry)
     +355 69 203 5014 (Construction)