Glass Industry

    Glass Industry

    We possess the latest machinery equipped with the most advanced processing glass technologies. This allows us to have a considerable production capacity, to meet the needs of the market in glass works. We offer all processes of glass treatment, such as tempering, cutting robot, double edging, laminating, sandblasting and glass design.

    The tempering allows the glass to be safe. Edging makes the sides of the glass to be smooth and not dangerous. Lamination put together two glass layers through a special material called EVA film. For a modern and personalized setting, you can select the desired designs and we realize the sandblasting or adhesive. The manufacturing sector is concentrated in an industrial area of 15,000 sqm.

    Below is a list of the machinery involved in the many stages of glass processing:

    • 3 cutting lines for float and laminated glass with automatic loader and cropper
    • 2 double edging machines designed to grind the edges of glasses
    • 1 drilling machine
    • 1 CNC horizontal machining center and 1 CNC vertical machining center designed for large-sized glasses
    • 1 tempering oven including a convection oven installed in 2016 for the tempering of selective flat and curved glasses
    • 1 machine for glass stratification specialized in the laminating of high-performance alternative EVA
    • 1 machine for screen-printing
    • 2 glass straight line multiple angle grinding machines
    • 1 beveller
    • 1 sandblaster allowing decorations

    To guarantee innovation in the use of glass and its applications we set up a department within the Company, which supports architects and designers in the development of innovative applications. Design and counseling are applicable on a large scale from the building to the furniture industry, from the industrial sector to specific ambits of use (fire-resistant and bullet-proof devices). Our engineering and design department, set at the headquarters in Tirana, are at the customers' disposal for any requests.


    You can contact us at:

     +355 69 208 2222 (Glass Industry)
     +355 69 203 5014 (Construction)