Social Responsability

    Social Responsability

    Our initiative is to appreciate and take our responsibilities to effects that company has on the environment and social welfare. Therefore, we are careful and selective in our product range and USLUGA is committed to promoting the highest social values.

    We are connected with social and environmental policies, therefore our goal is to develop business activities that provide better infrastructure that improves people's lives. We are committed to meet international standards for environmental protection strategies.

    We are meticulous in our planning and implementation of projects, by keeping an important role in the market as a successful company for its activities and its contribution to employment. Like its founder always says to win three euros, one euro should go to the needy. USLUGA has always been present in social contributions.


    You can contact us at:

     +355 69 208 2222 (Glass Industry)
     +355 69 203 5014 (Construction)