USLUGA Të fortë që në themel

    Mission, Vision, Values


    With enthusiasm, team work and respect for values, we want to improve the lives of our clients in pursuit of excellence for their homes and families. Realize this by using technology and best materials, further enhanced by the passion for beauty in all the activities that we develop.


    Our vision guides every aspect of our business by addressing what we need to achieve, in order to maintain consistency, quality and growth. We ensure that our work environment is a place where our employees are motivated and inspired. We bring clients qualitative products and anticipate their expectations. We build a successful partnership with our customers and suppliers to mutual sustainable value. We are aware of our responsibilities. Effectiveness and efficiency is our motto for sustainable productivity.


    People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every product and every progress is powered by people. We believe that common values applied in our mission, help us recruit professionals with value. We appreciate our staff, customers and partners, and engage them in decision making. We encourage creativity and promote our employees to develop their career. We are a motivated and committed to success and excellence team. Teamwork enables us to serve the customer better and faster. USLUGA is engaged in social responsibility by contributing to the community through economic and social development.


    You can contact us at:

     +355 69 208 2222 (Glass Industry)
     +355 69 203 5014 (Construction)