USLUGA Të fortë që në themel

    About USLUGA

    Created by the dream of a man who wanted to establish the largest family business in Albania and who felt with ingenuity the need of the market for glass products. Leaving nothing to the chance, he believed in hard work. Everything began with a small group of professionals, who put all their energy, efforts, their will and soul to bring something different to the market of glass and aluminum, to grow quickly as the largest B2B sales company. The company expanded its network in very short time even to neighboring countries, affirming the brand in the Albanian market and further.

    The company's challenges in the fragile market of Albanian political transition were numerous for USLUGA team. What made the difference was that the staff did not make differences between small and big works. For them, the quality was the pride of their work, and to achieve this quality, everybody put individual commitment, so the group's results were no less than excellent. But not only that ... To survive in a competitive market means to develop themselves with skilled human resources and innovative technology without changing the working principles and its values. USLUGA Company quickly updated its technology with the newest machinery of glass processing, adding production line of tempering, laminating, printing and sandblasting. The company’s mission is to increase its efforts to lead the strategy of high product quality, fair service and innovative solutions.

    One of USLUGA principal activity is the manufacture of glass products. In 2000 the range of products included glass facades, skylights, glass balustrades and glass staircases. The diversity of products allowed the company to increase its efficiency. In 2001 the activity was extended to the real estate market by building hotels, business centers, residential and industrial buildings, which made USLUGA, one of the leading construction companies in Albania. Once a project is finished, USLUGA staff is ready for another because between our staff and clients exists an environment of trust, transparency and devotion.

    The wide range of products is produced with accessories imported from Italy, designed by Italian designers. Our goal is to answer our clients’ needs, taking into consideration every taste and preference. At USLUGA, all products, including accessories, are the result of a detailed study, at every stage of production. In this way, we answer to each project and also propose ideas and innovative concepts. Respecting each project until the last detail, USLUGA offers a range of products from classic to modern style, creating designed spaces according to the latest trends. The manufacturing process is attentive to the final product elegance and to quality standards.

    Currently USLUGA Company has about 100 employees and owns a factory of 15,000 m2. In the real estate market are built around 170,000 sqm. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, USLUGA has established its reputation by delivering the latest products of the highest quality. Each product goes through rigorous tests to ensure that only quality and good performance is delivered to customers. Engineers walk on the side of technology by ensuring that client take only latest designs in the market, using materials of the highest quality supplied by well-known European companies. Over the years and through its experience, USLUGA has created and maintained quality business relationships with well-known international companies. Products and services proposed by these companies, combined with the concepts of our company have created more qualitative final results.


    You can contact us at:

     +355 69 208 2222 (Glass Industry)
     +355 69 203 5014 (Construction)